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Merry Christmas!

Hello all,

I just joined today, quite by accident really, because I had a question about folic acid. I am happy to have had my question answered, felt rather embarrassed actually because I had mistakenly taken 6 folic acid instead of the usual weekly 6 methotrexate. Ro, Ro?!? Was I relieved after reading that another gal had done this too. She's still Alive!!! Yay!

Laughed too as I read a comment about it, she said she could envision the other gal's liver happily dancing all day! Lol!

So happy I found this site, grateful too as I read lots of good advice!

I wish everyone and all a Very Merry Christmas and continued hope and health in 2015!

Gentle Hugs and Big Smiles from me to YOU! :-)

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Welcome CarolRae. I'm pleased you found an answer to your question. I found it a pain when I was taking MTX tablets that the two were very similar in size, shape & colour. Happy Christmas & hope to see more of you in the new year!


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