Pip assessment at last

After applying in January for PIP, I have finally got my assessment date through for 16th January. What I can't believe is the distance I've got to travel. I live in London and my assessment is in Rochford. The estimated journey time on the national rail journey planner is 1 hour and 24 minutes, so falls just within the 90 minute guideline.

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  • I hope all goes well for you Jewels94. I have my assessment tomorrow & although I'm more fortunate & the centre where I have to go is only 30 or so minutes away but because the appointment is at 9am the rush hour traffic into the city means we'll be setting off an hour earlier. Don't forget you'll need to allow plenty of time to make your appointment time. Another member recently posted that as the directions supplied weren't accurate she arrived half an hour late & they reappointed her assessment for the end of the month.

    I'm sure whichever company is assessing you have given you an appointment at the closest place they assess to you, so possibly just unfortunate. Nevertheless I believe you can claim travel expenses if you ask whilst at the consultation centre & a claim form will be offered & expenses paid into your account, by cheque or giro.

    Good luck for the 16th Jan.

  • Good luck tomorrow Paula. Mavis x

  • Thank you Mavis. Hope your knee is at least a little better. x

  • Phone them up and say you can't travel that far and ask if there's somewhere closer to go that's what I done and they changed it closer there and then good luck x

  • Tried phoning them up this morning. They said that there were no other appointments available and to phone up in the new year and try again. All this hassle after a bad day yesterday. Had an appointment with an orthopaedic consultant who said I need total elbow replacement in both elbows.

  • Contact them and tell them you can't travel that far.xxx

  • Good luck with your assessment today NMH. The centre in Rochford is in no way my nearest centre. I can find at least half a dozen centres nearer to me and much easier to get to. As I said I live in London, and the centre in Rochford is not under the list of London centres, but as East England. I know I would have to allow more time for travelling as the train line I would have to use is notorious for delays. Also as far as claiming back the fares, that's fine in theory, but I've still got to find the £50 it will cost before hand.

  • Thanks, h is of the opinion it went well. There was just one thing he said silently eeked at & that was moving my bag with my foot when I got up before having the physical. I did it naturally as I'm not able to bend easily today so not too concerned about that!

    I know where I had to go is my nearest centre as there was an article in our local paper of an MP complaining that his constituents should to have to travel that far! If the one you've been asked to attend isn't then I would think you're within your rights to request a closer one. Is it possible they allocated that one to see you earlier as you've been waiting so long? I was fortunate that my h could drive me & wasn't relying on public transport but it would have been a mare to get to if I had, not central in any way.

    I hope you get sorted, I can tell you're very frustrated, as I had been on the lead up to mine having been investigated without my knowledge, shared on numerous occasions with the good people on here who were so supportive....you know who you are! A big X to you all.

  • Say u can't cope with it and how can they help. I know they are doing home visits more. I live in Manchester I was offered leeds my reply was if I can get to leeds on public transport I wouldn't need the pip it got changed. ..

  • Does this time take into account your getting to the station and from the station to the office and can you manage that distance. Its seems wrong but the fact you can 'manage' to get there even though you may be in pain and will struggle later that day or the next may go against you.

  • I agree with phoning for somewhere nearer. Sometimes this is a ploy to see if you can travel. Black marks if you can. it is like putting the assessment upstairs and if you get up there then you are not so bad as you say.

  • I phoned them up again yesterday evening and quoted the guideline of an absolute maximum of 90 minutes travel by public transport. They then managed to give me an appointment at my local assessment centre for 21st January.

  • That's great! Persistence does pay off, well done you! Another 5 days in the grand scheme of things isn't that long particularly as it makes it easier for you to get there. With any luck it will all have been noted & interpreted as less of a struggle for you to attend the closest centre to your home.

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