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Update on Nerve Conduction test - I am so depressed

Have been to the hospital to get the Nerve Conduction test done to find out if I have carpal tunnel. According to the doctor after the test, (He did the test twice on each hand), I do have mild carpal tunnel. But my Thumb and Ring finger problems are not Carpal tunnel but he suspects tendon inflammation.

He said the electric signals coming down the arm into the hand are 100% ok, but the signals going back up the arm are not. He thinks I have other issues in my hands (tingling, hypersensitivity, to no sensitivity, stiffness, seizing up, pain) which could be related to the RA in my neck.

So back to the drawing board. No operation at this time. They have to investigate further. This is going to take forever.

Totally depressed about this now. Hoped I had just carpal tunnel, get operated and be done with it. Nearly had to wait 3 months just to get this test done. Maybe I need an MRI or X-ray on my hands?

Taking Ibuprofen does nothing. It should help reducing the inflammation but makes no difference.

I took some aspirin as well and just figured out that I am allergic to it as I keep getting a rash when I take it.

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How disappointing, especially after a wait like that. Maybe your Rheumy could shed more light? If it is an inflamed tendon I would think he could suggest a less general NSAID or even a steroid injection if it's felt you'd benefit from either. I have OA neck problems & been helped with new meds but I still have shoulder problems so it's sounding as though more investigations may be to come for you to find the cause.

I really feel for you being similar symptoms to carpal tunnel, especially as you work such a manual job. Could that have any influence with your Rheumy, if he knows maybe he could expedite tests or imaging?

I hope it's sorted soon whatever the cause. ;)


Hi Breadfruit

sorry to hear that things are a bit tough at the moment. Has anyone suggested looking at the RA in your neck more closely to see if relief for your hands could be obtained through improving this area... Are you seeing a physio maybe that may be a route to take!

All the best



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