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Ibuprofen supply


Just wondering if anyone else is having difficulty obtaining ibuprofen 600mgs tablets, having taken my regular prescription to Boots and being told that they didn't have in and would order some it is now 3 weeks later and I am now being told there is a manufacturing problem and they are unable to get any and don't know when they can, so go back to my docs and get a new script for 400mg and 200mgs then I can have my tablets.

so another trip to docs then.

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What a pain when things go wrong! I didn't even realise these were available as 600mg tablets. x

I don't take ibuprofen but I take it you've tried filling it at other chemists? We had a shortage of MTX injections & had to hunt round pharmacies to get mine each week a while ago. They even rang round suppliers for me. It might we worth trying if you haven't before asking for your script to be amended.

Tried 2 different pharmacies with no luck, Boots rang all their suppliers with no luck, wonder if its just where I live and it will right its self soon.

Not sure but the strength can be altered for you on your script as you know if you want to get them on script or are eligible for free ones. Failing that 200mg are available pretty much everywhere for around 30p but I don't know if you can buy multiple packets or you're limited to the amount you can buy at any one time like paracetamol & aspirin. Hope you get sorted either way.

I think one is limited to two packs per purchase.

So go buy 2 with a couple of groceries, pay, then go back in and buy a couple more and use the self serve till or another till (not the same you used before). At least then you can get 4 packs of 200mg each time.

Also stock up on them each time you go shopping pop 2 into your trolley and stock up. They are very cheap at the supermarkets, Aldi, Lidl etc.

Try pound shops they usually have some .Also Wilkinsons

I take them I get my prescription every three months and had no trouble collecting last time ( they have always had them or ordered them in within 2 working days ) I get them from a Lloyds pharmacy .. maybe it's just boots supplier having problems :) hope you manage to get hold of some.. that way you don't have to take more tablets x

Thank you all, would try poundland or wilkos but unsure if they would sell me 90 a month, don't know if they are limited like paracetamol, and they don't sell the strengh I need .will try Lloyds tho

I think its just Boots having a problem. They sometimes have this. Are they Boots own make or are they coming from another manufacturer? Have you tried another pharmacy?

Also I never knew Boots had 600mg tablets. Are they only available on prescription? Can I ask what colour the tablets are? I can only take white tablets as I react to the artificial colouring in the other tablets.

Chrissycl in reply to BreadFruit

Yes think it might only be boots, but they're not boots own make, but tesco pharmacy didn't have any either, can only get that strength on prescription and they are a lurid pink colour.

Been into our local Aldi today & they have lots of 200mg. It might be worth you looking if you have one nearby? I know it will be a pain as they're packets of 16 but better than none at all if you can't get your scripted ones.

Thank you will have a look

Hi My Daughter works at a pharmacy and she said it is a manufacturing problem and is unable to get that dose, maybe easier to get script changed at the docs just in case it is an on going problem, good luck

Chrissycl in reply to nealc

Thank you, that is really helpful, wiil phone my docs now

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