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Wonky Hand :(


I suffer a lot with my right hand/wrist, fingers and thumb and have noticed today that my fingers are no longer pointing upwards but are all leaning to the left and are extremely sore :(

I was under the impression that when I was put on Methotrexate originally that my symptoms would not get any worse. I cannot see my consultant until the middle of December and when I visit my GP they cannot do anything until they have written to the consultant which all takes time :(

I am also due to go into hospital in a couple of weeks to have my gall bladder removed but am really concerned with how I am going to recover when I feel so poorly on a good day!

If anyone has any wise words I would be ever so grateful ;)

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Hi Vicki, first of all hope the gall bladder op all goes to plan and you can get back on track too with your sore hands/fingers which seem like they have got some drift. I have very unusual fingers on one hand especially ... One finger is a Boutonniere and curls and two others have swan necked at the end. I thought I would have been protected on my RA meds also but when I had to change meds and had a long period of waiting to start a biologic/nothing happening with the meds I took .. I had a year of meds nothing doing for me and in that time I felt that my fingers deteriorated, but only really started to show lately even though my RA is more under control for the last 6 months than it has been in four years. Think this damage may be from earlier on that you are now seeing. I have wax hand baths at the hospital physio department and this week was told I should have some little splints for the damaged, painful finger ends to help to stop them worsening/hold them in position correctly, so yes, it is worth a try as they may think you could benefit from a splint to hold your hand in position at times. Some people with such problems like working splints and some like resting splints. I had those early on when my RA first started but don't need them now. Something you may be able to ask an OT about. I also do a lot of exercises to keep them moving which a physio can show you. Maybe you could phone the rheumy nurse and ask if you can be put on the waiting list to see the physio/OT but I have a feeling they may say concentrate on getting well after your op and see you mid December .. it is what I know mine would do. Hope you have someone to assist you at home and not have to do much but take it easy after the op. Wishing you all the best. NK x

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Hi vikki

I would ring your nurse and ask her to refer to to an Occupational Therapist about your hands. I had a fab educational course by my OT department when I was diagnosed where they stressed the importance of joint protection. It really paid attention to their advice, like use devices to open bottles jars etc don't lift heavy things with your sore hands, don't push on your knuckles, don't leave your fingers handing off the end of a chair arm and wear your protective splints. Night splints should be worn every night and use the Velcro type ones during the day whilst cooking, lifting, driving etc. I'm sure this has helped my hands stay pretty normal looking ( though I do have swan neck fingers and perm swollen knuckles). Mid Dec not long now to see your Rheumy. Discuss your concern there. Poor you on top of all this having to have your gall bladder out. My sisters have both had theirs out and recovered quickly afterwards.

Check out rawarrior.com for joint protection tips.

Take care

KiKi x


Thanks very much for all your advice, it has really helped. I will get on to my rheumy nurse first thing tomorrow, it certainly helps when you know what you have to ask for :)

And Kiki, that is good news about your sisters recovering quickly after there gall bladder op, as I have heard a lot of negatives.

Take care xx


Hi Vikki21 - I have slightly wonky hands too. My rheumy never comments on the more misshapen right hand but focuses on lack of swelling. The swelling was very out of control when he diagnosed me three years ago this week but MTX took about 6 months to reduce the inflammation and pain in my hands. Since then I've only flared a couple of times in my right hand but with physio and OT and splinting I did find that I could bend my fingers properly again after about six months.

In my case I think that the misshapen stuff has perhaps been caused by early OA and by working very long hours as a embroidery artist. But my podiatrist, who is rheumy trained and knows his stuff, said that the sticking out little fingers and slight drift would have been caused by RA when it was out of control.

However I have no erosions to date and just some signs of early OA in x-rays so I think once RA is well controlled this really should prevent fingers drifting of towards the ulnar joint in the wrist. My physio gave me an exercise where you walk your fingers towards the thumb one at a time while hands are face down on a table and I try to do this everyday.

I also have gallstones and I think they are playing up quite badly just now so it's reassuring for me to read good stories about gallbladder removal operations - good luck with yours. Tx


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