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Back at work and start on melter ate on this sunday

I am on steroids 7.5 a day for a month also folic 1a day. I have just gone back to work this week. My knee was so swollen my doctor ordered me to stay off it and work for 2 weeks. With the steroids I am finding I do not have to take as many codeine as before. Have been feeling pretty good. I am finding I have to come home from work and sit for about a hour with my knee rested before I can do other things. But today after work decided to blitz the house and now am in so much pain in my legs and thighs. Think maybe overdone it? My knee is once again swollen. Just wanted to share. Thanks

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Hi, it's so difficult not to over do it when you feel you're able, but you do pay for it afterwards. I have done this, and continue to do this and each time when the pain is bad I think, I won't do that again, but I do!! Hope you're feeling better.



We have all been there!

As soon as we feel a bit better we rush around and try to pack in as much as possible.

Partly it's the relief and joy of actually being able to do something. Partly it's fear that the improvement won't last, so better get things done while we can!

But we always pay for it if we don't pace ourselves.


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