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Nodules? confirmation please

I have had elbow pain for last 2 years plus on and off but the last couple of days have started to get small lumps, I have had them before but have always turned into a type of ulcer......

These are really itchy, hot and of course sore.... I put an ice pack on last night which did help and is slightly easier this morning, but according to the info I have read on the net these lumps are not usually painful??

Any thoughts please, thank you xx

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Hi beckeybooboo,

Can I ask what medications are you on?

For me I get them in my nose, mouth and lips...they kind of look like a cold sore, but are not cold sores, but ulcer sores, I also have ganglion cysts, they come up under the skin close to a joint, they kind of feel like a blister deep under the skin, they are squishy and you can manipulate them if you push on them, I have four now on the bottom of my feet, and one that is hard like a pea on the top of my foot. These I understand are caused when the joint is inflamed and swollen, then some synovial fluid leaks out and this forms the cyst. These cysts are not harmful, but they do hurt to walk on them, they fill up and drain along with your disease activity.

The sores I get in my nose, lips and mouth are very painful, they usually last about a month.


Thank you for your reply.

Im on 12.5mg steroids for 1 year, humira but has just been stopped coz after 16 weeks not having any response, cant take any methotrexate or sulphasalzine but take oramporph and co-codamol for pain.

I always get cold sores when run down, water infections and oral thrush.

When I had them before they did look more crevice like and appeared to be like an ulcer to me but these are different, got 2 pea size ones and 4 small ones???

Thank you for your response its really appreciated.

PS going back to rheumy 31 dec to be on another biologic. xx


Hi Beckybooboo

You are right that nodules are not normally painful and your description of them being itchy and hot seems unusual too, so possibly not nodules. Probably worth asking your GP or rheumatology team about it, but if you can't see them soon, perhaps you could speak to a pharmacist and see if there's anything you can apply to it to ease these symptoms?

I hope you find out what they are soon.

Kind regards


NRAS Helpline


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