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Fussing & fusing & plain speaking

Fussing & fusing & plain speaking

I just had my second ankle fusion :6/10 & it has been somewhat painful. The last one on my left ankle was 3 years ago, and I remeber it as pain free. Now you are non weight bearing for 3 loooonnngg months. As I craft, don't work & love Netflix you'd think I'd survive, but with no mum this time, I have found it very slow going. Anyone else any thoughts, or had this done?

My poor ankles were devoured by RA in less than a year, which is how long it took to get disease under control. One flare in the 5 years I've had it otherwise chemical remission.

I wAs started with a diagnosis of Palindromic arthritis, which I now think is just to ease you into the realisation of the fear & shock.of course now it turns out my TNf was extremely high as were Esr & crp marker.

Long story & many adventures later, here I am in bed, in a boot that a astronaut would be proud of, it has a little pump that deflates its beads inside to give a snug fit, the opposite of pumping up, if u get me, it's a vaco cast ( favoured by the. Us military it says)

I was originally on health unlocked as a virgin newbie to arthritis, must be 4 years ago now. Gosh I was innocent, oh the meds do this , & that, let me tell you, even with the meds, it can be a very clever disease. Even if u subconsciously stress, hello flare & please people, there is a difference between a damaged joint & a flare. You cannot. Flare day in. Day out, also it is highly unlikely that you have RA in your spine.

Pleased to meet you all again.xxxx

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Welcome back Zigzager, i had a boot on my foot after i broke my ankle back in May. I went on holiday in plaster and i was non weight bearing. It was hilarious trying to get round Wells in a plaster and a scooter. Ra will attack anything it likes. I haven't worked since 2009 and this year has been horrendous one for me. Hugs


I hope you've got help to cope with your non weight bearing time. Life becomes unpredictable with RA doesn't it. I was in med induced remission for a long time, now I'm struggling to get back onto a suitable cocktail. Palindromic arthritis - I wonder what that is it sounds straight out of Monty python


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