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Chopsticks and RA


Its a bit too early to post on the impact of Cimzia, but I was well enough to go out for my grandson's birthday at Chinese dumpling place. So - some progress. However I did experience quite a bit of difficulty using my chopsticks. Right hand is still quite inflamed and weakened by these 10 months of confusion. Has anyone else had any surprises like this after a 'pause' in treatment. I wonder how Chinese people manage with RA?

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I'm impressed that you even tried chopsticks... I had problems with them pre-RA :)

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I suppose that Chinese people with RA use them! Must look into this. I suppose I'll have to fall back on the fork and spoon next time!

Maybe there are no Chinese long term RA sufferers as the poor souls starve to death!! Maybe they switch to soup and give the noodles a miss!!!

we've got a new Vietnamese place near us and they do this amazing soup...

Pleased you felt well enough to enjoy your grandson's birthday Cathie & hope it's the start of Cimzia having some effect.

Maybe Chinese RD sufferers use the ceramic spoon they have for soup instead of chopsticks? Must say though I could never fathom them even before RD!! Tricky blighters lol. ;)


I haven't had this trouble with chopsticks because, even in the NYC Chinatown dumpling place we went to twice (loved it so much) where there wasn't a non Chinese face in sight - they offered us cutlery and we took it. I used to use chopsticks pretty efficiently but my hands are now so weakened by RA and neuropathy that I wouldn't trust myself with them for anything requiring strength.

However I did get a similar shock to this when I was away south at a birthday party two months ago and was asked to chop a cabbage. I usually hand the harder veg chopping to OH now but sometimes chop a savoy, carrots and onions okay using the knife the OT gave me. But this was a white cabbage and as you know they are extra hard to cut. Anyway out of the blue both of my hands seized up with pain radiating through my knuckles and I couldn't even start to chop this wretched cabbage so I had to ask someone else to take over. I'm sure they thought I was just being a wuss but top 'n' tailing strawberries was infinitely preferable!

Oh dear. I think its about 'if you dont use it you lose it'. Its useful to do a variety of things to check how you are. things happen in a surprising way dont they. Glad you enjoyed New York.


That's really positive news Cathie about your cimzia, hope it continues to bring some relief. Well impressed with your chopstick attempt, I'm struggling to hold a knife and fork at the moment. Interesting what you say about the chinese people with R.D. Just read that in China they use White Peony root extract for the treatment of RD. I am sure their treatment plans are completely different to over here.

Qi expect they used acupuncture too. Must ask my taiji teacher

good luck with the Cimzia, I hope it works well for you!

LOL cathie reading you post made me hungry.

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