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ESA Medical

Hi everyone. I hope you are as well as you can be today, it is getting very cold out there so wrap up.

I was just after a little advice really I have my ESA medical tomorrow having waited 19 odd months and I'm a little bit unsure what to expect, what to take (I have repeat prescriptions, recent hospital letters/consultant reports and lastly mot really important but need to ask what clothing to wear. I'm quite worried as like most I have RA. Ostearthritis fibromyalgia, osteopenia panicious Amelia all not visible. All I can think is the decision is there's and nothing I can do will really help so this is why I need a bit of advice PLEASE. God bless you all xxx

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Hi, just seen this and realised it's too late to give my twopenny-worth. How did you get on?

If you consider the decision isn't right then I'd advise you to contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau. They are very good on ESA. I hope it all went well though.


Hi. I have two of the conditions mentioned fibromyalgia and RA.


I realise its too late to advise but hope it went well. Take care


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