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scar like mark

after having a few blood test done approx 6mths ago i developed what looks like a large scar on my upper arm, at time i was given antibiotics and pain went away but scar never did, i have recently been getting pain when touching around breast area and was wondering if th 2 could be connected

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I would get yourself to the drs to get it checked out just to be on the safe


May be an infection but important to go to GP ASP


As the other replies have said your GP would be the best person to see about it. It seems odd though, but he's the one who'll be able to check you over. Always best to get anything like that checked out.


thanks for all the reply s been to gp funny enough did more bloods test lol, waiting to speak to him again something about testosterone levels???? and ordered a scan but not for few weeks

thanks again


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