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universal credits


I understand that universal credits will not be paying for the contributions of poll tax at present people of working age on benefit have 10% to pay at the moment but next year they will have to pay full amount out of a very small income if you are too ill to work this is a impossible dilemma to be in , anyone that can inform me about this in simple terms I would be grateful .

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Hi junebee,

The benefits system is complicated to say the least and there have been a number of changes recently. There are a couple of organisations that can provide more in depth information about benefits for you junebee. They are Turn2us, turn2us.org.uk/ and their helpline number is 0808 802 2000.

Also there is an organisation called DIAl who are part of Scope and you can ring their helpline to see if they have an office in your area: 0808 800 33 33

Hope this helps you


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

I believe that you can still get the benefit, but it is not included in the universal credit payment, you have to make a separate application. Hope that helps. M x

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