I've been told by my rheum and had it confirmed on the NRAS helpline that neuropathy is not uncommon with RA. I initially was told that it you often get neuropathic pain as a result of the swelling trapping nerves. However, last week, I was told that my neuropathy is due to my joint damage. At the time of examination, I had no active synovitis (woohooo!) but the consultant and physio think the nerves have been compressed by bone changes. I'm due to start on amitriptyline, hopefully to help the symptoms.

No wonder I can barely walk; RA erosions, osteoarthritis (as as a result of RA eating away at my joints) and neuropathy in my feet/ankles at the age of 26. :( Ok, no more self pity.....moving on!

Has anyone else been diagnosed with neuropathy as a result of their RA?

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  • Morning, I think Twitchy has this. Pretty sure she's away at the moment or I'm sure she would of replied. Just wanted to say I'm thinking of you, a lot to take on at such young age. Take care x

  • Hi Caza - thanks for thinkng of me! I'm in NYC in bed just catching up with news while husband and son wander round the city enjoying the fine night. I'm too tired to join them! X

  • Hi crash doll

    I have some neuropathy in my feet. I get pain and pins and needles there. I have others problems with my feet too so always wear trainers with the insoles my podiatrist had made for me. Do you have insoles?

  • I've tried so many pairs of insoles and not got on with any of them. However, they told me I really need them so I'm persevering yet again. Oddly enough, my worse foot is very comfortable in them but the 'better' (ha!) foot is agony. I have a review next month.

    Do you take any medication for your neuropathy?

  • No it's not too bad. It's the posterior tibial tendon dysfunction that causes most of the bother. I can't sit so I go out shopping and walking and suffer for it but I like to keep active. I also get plantar fashyitis( spelt wrongly but you know what I mean) and flares. Even when I was well controlled my feet were still a big problem. My rheum podiatrist says it's not that uncommon for patients to continue to suffer with their feet despite the rest of you being well. I have a wheelchair I use when I need to for shopping and days out.

  • Is there medication for neuropathy?

  • I don't know faith. Maybe it's looking at treating the cause?

    Diabetics can get neuropathy of their disease is not under good control. Mine is very mild.

  • Do they get really cold too. I just need help and I am not sure where to go. How to start.

  • I have mild Raynaud's phenomenon

    Have a look at their website:

  • I still have to see a neurologist to have this confirmed or not - but my GPs both believe that the neuropathy in both feet, ankles and legs plus hands and arms is all due to RA or else connective tissue inflammation. It is pretty horrible but I think I'm also lucky that my RA is mostly quiet.

    I've read up a lot on

    this now because mine started three and a half years ago with onset of my RA symptoms. I believe that widespread neuopathy/ small fiber neuropathy it is more common with Sjogrens, Lupus and Scleroderma as well as a main feature of Pernicous Anaemia than it is with RA.

    I tried Gaberpentin but am now back on Amitriptyline - which has been a good drug for me. There are about three more powerful anti convulsant/ nerve drugs you can try if Amitriptyline doesn't work or gives you side effects. Hope it works well for you.

  • I have had so much pain in my feet for five years. You are the first people I have run into with information. I have not been able to get any help at all. I try so hard not to talk about it because my husband tends to think of coarse I don't hurt. Do I seek our a neurologist for this? Is that how I would start? I have lost 81 lbs knowing I needed to. Still need to lose 50 more lbs. I have seen no improvement with my feet though. I swim 3 times a week. Been doing the swimming for over a year. Finally figured out I can not let my feet touch the bottom of the pool because after the exercise class I hurt so much worse. So now I use floats to continue on so my feet don't touch the pool bottom. Yes I use swimming shoes but it seems just to make more friction on my feet. It is good for me just to know there is something really wrong. It's not just in my brain.

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