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Just want to say thanks.

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Hi There , I joined in June and have had a lot of help from this site just reading the posts and info , had RA since 1999 and have learned more about it on here than any doctor I have seen. Just off methotrexate and sulfasalazine, now on leflunamide this week , hoping this will work, just retired in August and my life feels that it's been turned on its head, started doing some craft things but when I feel better hope to do some volunteering. Hope anyone who is having a bad day has a better one tomorrow x ☺️

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Good luck with your new DMARD. Hope it works well for you. Love the teddy. I am taking early retirement at the end of this month so no doubt will be looking for something to do once I've caught up with all the jobs round the house, especially all the overloaded cupboards and drawers. Can't wait now. All the best. Angela.

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Thanks Angela, my granddaughter loves foxy, it's great not having to go to work when your hands and legs are not working very well ! It's amazing how the time flies, you will enjoy retirement once you get used to it, take care x

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Welcome to the club, I cant work either. Yes my time seems to fly as well, particularly since everything takes 2-5 times longer to do now... :(

Even though your life has changed a lot recently, I hope you can still find lots of satisfaction and it's productive for you..

The fox is brilliant! I'm crafty but not clever enough to do anything like that!

Good luck xxx

I took early retirement at the end of last year and it's the best thing I could have done having struggled with increasing exhaustion.

There IS life outside of work!

Happy retirement! You'll soon be wondering how you found the time to work!!!

Seriously, it does take the pressure off, and I have loved the chance to spend more time with my grandchildren. Enjoy! M x

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