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Special beds - Opinion requested

My hubby and I are so in pain and fed up with our bed that we jumped in and ordered a bed from a firm called "Wil******ck" that makes beds that have electric motors which raise the back and the front, which also has massage parts so that when you lie or sit in bed gives you a massage (different levels and can turn itself off etc.). This firm is recommended by Age UK (Age Concern). The price is in the thousands. Hubby now thinks we did a mistake because he found similar or identical beds online for a lot less money. We did a search before but did not know what we were searching for to be honest. Once we had the demonstration at home we have a much clearer idea. We do have a cooling off period so could step back and cancel.

Did you ever buy a bed like this? What are your comments and opinions on a bed like this? Any recommendations or other firms? Problems, etc.

Thank You

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hi..i bought an adjustable bed from dreams...didnt have the massage was half price so cost £899 and also got the vat off as am registered has been the best purchase i have ever comfortable and great for helping to get out of bed and for reading or watching tv....specialised companies do charge so much more so if you can get out of your purchaseand buy a cheaper one i would...if you bought it online or from a catalogue you have distance selling rights and have a cooling off period ..good luck and hope it helps you as much as mine has me xx

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