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Annual Review Poll

Hi Everyone,

If you haven't already, could you take our current poll on the holistic annual review today please? You can do it via the main page or follow this link -

NRAS CEO Ailsa is going to use the information you provide at a presentation next week. Here's a comment from Ailsa about the Annual Review research:

'Hi everyone

Thanks for your contributions. Am now putting together my presentation for the 15th and I have to say reading many of your replies I feel profoundly depressed that so many of you seem to be getting way less than optimal care. Given all the knowledge and tools available to health professionals today to treat RA, which is SO much better than when I was first diagnosed over 30 years ago, this should not be happening and I will be saying so on the 15th to an audience of consultants and allied health professionals. If you are not getting the care you need, there's unfortunately no short cut to saying so and asking for a second opinion or changing GP/hospital. The NICE recommendations for annual holistic review were published in 2009 and by now most units should be doing what the Freeman in Newcastle is doing. If you'd like to read about that on our website, here's the link

Ailsa Bosworth'

Thanks all!

Ruth Grosart

NRAS Digital Media Coordinator

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