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Fish and GLA Oils

I've been taking these supplements in addition to Humira, Mtx, Hydroxy for a few months. Prior to starting Humira in May of this yr, my bloods were normal to slightly up compared to "flagged" inflammation levels a few months prior. Have been taking these mega doses of Fish and GLA since April/May and have virtually no joint pain. I know these things don't work for all but it seems to work for me. Am following my Dr's proscriptions of above mentioned drugs as well as supplements. RA dr said she does not care what I take for vits/supplements as long as I follow her direction. But I feel like my bloods and lack of side affects may be helped by my taking the Omega's and GLA. Below is a study of RA patients taking these supplements. I expect to continue taking these for as long as I'm on the toxic drugs and beyond, even if I reach remission reading from my RA specialist.

"All 3 treatment groups exhibited significant reductions in both DAS (1.5) and CDAI (12.5) at 9 months, improvements which persisted at 18 months." Complete article:

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It's really refreshing to read a piece of research that looks at traditional and complementary approaches together! So much of what we are presented with is either/or... and that you are considered bad for taking the strong drugs, or weird for relying on alternatives. So something that says that they can work together is good to hear. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi MarshaM,

Thanks for that. I also take a joint care supplement, multi vits with ginseng and turmeric. I can't quantify how much they contribute to my health but it feels right. I am at the stage of initial assessment and get the X-ray results tomorrow and my initial med regime will be set (I'm taking naproxen only at present ). I have got some slipper elm powder in to help with the expected nausea when I start the immune suppressant (expecting MTX) which I think will be prescribed tomorrow, hopefully it will help... Who knows but again it feels right and a positive step on my part.

Thanks again for sharing as I need the positive right now.


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Good luck. Ginger capsules have worked for me for nausea and upset stomach. I've also used them on cruises for sea sickness and they've always worked as I know I get sea sick if I don't take them daily while on board.


and Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory.


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