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couldnt give a flip days...


Does anybody else have these? my RA has been acting up recently.... not bad. just paracetamol uncomfy,,playing alternate front of the ankles... today its here again front of my right ankle...coming down from 15mg of prednisone atm currently onto 10 for another week yet... could this be why im irratable.. angry.. annoyed frsutrated.. because tbh these ankles are REALLY starting to bug and the pain is getting stronger i feel... ok RANT OVER.. sorry..

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sorry to hear that you've been uncomfortable! I sometimes have these days where I just think bugger it and nothing I do seems to make me feel better. Hope the pain sorts itself out soon.

Those are the days I hibernate with painkillers, heat pads ( heat helps me) and Jeremy Kyle on TV!!!

It gets you down but it passes and don't forget to move through your pain otherwise I find you get more stiff. Thinking of you, sending internet hugs x

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Catch 22 the more I stand on my ankle the worse it feels.:-(

I know but just very gentle moves was what I was thinking. Te nras website I think has advice on gentl movements that stop you stiffening up, think long marathons are out though!!!

Hi Mohikan, Despite Rituximab bringing down my inflammation and controlling my RA, my ankles/under heels are awful with pain on standing up and the first five minutes of walking then it seems to free up somewhat but is not right . . and I think that is due to "walking weirdly" for the last couple of years with swollen knees. The ankles over-compensating. My advice is physio. I am going back for gentle traction on the ankles and strengthening exercises, and also to see the podiatrist for heel and full orthotics. Supporting and cushioning the soles and heels makes so, so much difference to the feet and how you walk and lessens pain. Hope you can get some relief. Neonkitty. x

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