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Hi everyone

Currently in India, and on Monday I injected for the first time after having training with the nurse specialist the week before. It was okay! I was a bit nervous and only slightly messed up - you know the part where after you've clicked and the mtx is going inside you? Well, I forgot to wait for the 5 seconds to pass before withdrawing :O and so some MTX wasn't plunged deep enough (but none spilled out thankfully) - I feel so silly.. but I guess since it was my first time, I was nervous so forgot - also keeping it pierced inside you feels so unnatural so my reflex was to slowly pull it out. But I thought i'd write into to remind you to keep it in! Don't forget to count to 5 otherwise you will have yellow skin and a panic like I did! Ha ha hope everyone is having a bearable time with Metoject :)

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  • Oh dear! Well at least you've learnt from that one & know what to do next time. I'm still on syringes & would prefer it to stay that way but suppose it's inevitable I'll have to change sometime soon. I'm getting script filled for my next 4 on Friday so I'm going to ask when it's likely I'll get the pens then! I've been on MTX 4.5 years now & it controls my RD with my other meds so hope it does the same for you.

    Hope you're having a good holiday. The nice weather we had here is a distant memory now so enjoy the warmer weather there!

  • Yeah, I went onto the MTX pens a couple of weeks ago. I think they're really good. At least the needles are sharp!! I found the syringe needles to be blunt, had to drill the things into my stomach.

    It's not as though I'm a needle virgin either. I've been injecting insulin 5 or 6 times a day for the last 25 years and those needles are always good.

    Good luck with your jabs acheylady, it won't be long before you can't wait to jab yourself!!

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