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Anyone used FLEXISEQ Gel?

I just bought 3 tubes of this gel as a friend of ours stated that he swears by that stuff.

I used it for a couple of days and it seems to make the symptoms easier. A rubbed a tiny amount onto my neck area where the arthritis is and some on my hands. They tingled less and were less swollen.

But now I got an appointment to see the consultant at the hospital for the test to see if I have carpal tunnel or not. So I stopped using it as I do not want to mess up the results. But I will take it again and monitor it after the test from the 30th onwards.

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I had never heard of this but your question caught my interest so had a look at their site. What occurred to me is that they are evasive of what the substance actually is & most of the info is gobbledygook to me & add the fact the company producing it are "at the leading edge of nano technology".......mmmmm! Maybe I'm being also being sceptical as Arthritis Research UK have had a two month "partnership" resulting in a large donation to the charity by the manufacturer .....mmmm again! Reading comments on RA site they are on the whole positive for its use for OA with some negatives, but until it's approved to be available on prescription, which they report they're intending to do, it's not exactly cheap but then maybe as a help for the pain of OA it would be at least worth a try if anyone prefers a "natural" product or can't take NSAIDs. One thing did occur to me though it could work out to be quite expensive if, as some have reported, one tube lasts a week but then of course it does depend on how much is used for the two applications a day & how many joints it's applied to, so I would be interested if you would let us know how you get on with it if you're using it for OA & not RD, which I understand it can't help.

By the way I wouldn't think it would make any difference to your carpal tunnel symptoms as they are caused by inflammation putting pressure on the median nerve & a gel that attests to lubricate cartilage won't do that, only a successful op will if wrist splints or steroid injections don't help, unless it's severe as mine was typically, did not pass go & had to have the op, damn you high pain threshold lol!! Having said that it did the trick & I've had no problems since on that side.

I hope your nerve conduction test goes well & you find out for sure if it is CT causing your problems & what can be done for you & you're well otherwise & managing to pace yourself more. ;)

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I read the info on it too, and noted that it didn't contain any specific medicine in it. That to me would suggest that it shouldn't be used to replace existing rheumatology treatment, as it would in effect mean you weren't having any anti inflammatory or disease modifying treatment, which would make me worry that the disease wasn't actually being controlled, even if you did feel better.


My husband has been using it for about for weeks. He puts it on his knee twice a day and a tube lasts about 2 weeks. He has osteoarthritis and takes cocodamol and ibruprofen, but these had stopped killing the pain!


My hubby is using it and thinks it works. But he always says these things when he tries out new stuff. He has large areas to cover. I think the tube is already half empty. I have hidden my tube. The next lot he can pay for.

Its not a painkiller. Its supposed to add stuff to the cartilage or the spaces between the cartilage. Like a lubrication.

@ Helenlw7: So what is your hubby thinking? Does it work?

I am trying real hard to pace myself. Wednesdays is my day off in theory that is LOL. I had last Wednesday off. But this week I am working, because I am taking Friday off. Having a grill party (crossing fingers for great weather). Its hard because there are so many people who need my services and I have a hard time saying no.

I have just taken on another blind man who has been screwed over by the previous "gardener". As always neighbors complained about all the green stuff. I wish they could find these people who prey on the old and infirm.

Some days are better than others but my fingertips are quite numb and desensitised. I cannot do stuff like putting on a chain or stud earrings. I even have trouble opening bottletops. But I can lug around a 50 KG bag of bark chips rip it open and dig and mow a lawn. Its just the delicate stuff I have issues with.


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