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Scared of taking humeur boligic

Hello r.a world the nurse came out yesterday to give me my first injection he sit for 2 hours im so worried if ill have alegic reaction due to one before on a fruit kiwii and nearly died has fomber of it happibg again and it says humeor alergic reaction is commom but i really need this so much pain please anyone been through same or put me at ease about it how it helped them thanks ;)

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I had 3 astime and still didt have injection


I am not on Humira although another biologic called Enbrel, I can well emphasise with you with all your fears. If you can overcome them then the benefits are worth it, once the drugs are fully into your system you do have a better quality of life.

I assume that you did mention your fears to your Rheumy team before they ordered this medication and they will have advised you on the best one for you. I hope you manage to do the injection the next time the nurse visits. Good Luck. xx


Hi had my first humira today and was petrified of side affects as I have had so many reactions to drugs.i have a weird sensation on my face.suppose time will tell :-/ hope you feel ok on it


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