Yoga for Sjogrens/RA patients

Hi everyone,

I was feeling very achey and generally suffering post-flareup.. feeling very sluggish too after MTX.. but decided to explore some exercise classes, so I got myself down to a Bikram yoga class in a heated studio - It was really, really great, the heat helped so much! Usually I would prefer yoga to be relaxing and not so overwhelming but somehow I found the heat and excessive sweating to be very soothing for my achey joints (plus the humidity of the studio was brilliant for my dry eyes!). The only thing I had to be wary of was to make sure I had lots of layers on before and after the class so not go from two extremes of temperature. Has anyone had any experiences with yoga or exercise in general? I used to row but no more of that since my diagnosis! Let me know :)

Acheylady XX

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  • Hi - that sounds brilliant! I used to struggle with heat/ humidity so badly but since having RD it is the other way round. Even the chillers in supermarkets fill me with horror now!

    I haven't heard of Bicram yoga before but I use my Nintendo Wii Fit Plus (purchased years ago for our boys when young!) almost everyday and it has a yoga programme. I often have to bully myself to do it but the stretches really pay off - apart from that one of our dogs joins in, licking my face as we both stretch as soon as I'm horizontal! Eye drops are the only way I get through the day now - bottles everywhere!

  • I think exercise is great if you can do it although "Yoga" is an unattachable part of Hinduism. Hinduism without yoga is not Hinduism and yoga without Hinduism is not yoga. That yoga is just an exercise is deception, it is part of a ritual of worship to the Hindu gods and although one may not believe in any gods it is still what it is. Plain physical exercise without a name is best. Well done though for making an effort to do some exercise, I am not as disciplined as you. :)

  • Are you kidding? There's no need to be so judgmental.

  • I am not being judgmental just factual.

  • I think it's great that you found Bikram to be helpful. I have heard of others with RA who found it to be useful, though I found that surprising as I thought the high heat would aggravate the inflammation. I can definitely say I feel better the days I incorporate yoga and meditation. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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