PIP assessment on the 31st of July

Hi everyone

I just received my PIP appointment letter today which is happening at the end of the month. Has anyone had the assessment? Is the health professional very difficult to deal with? And are there any boxes they will be ticking off ie. walking x number of meters.. how do they assess this? Or how the standard rate and enhanced rate is decided? I am a bit nervous! Thank you, good luck to everyone else waiting or having their allowance decided

Acheylady xx

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  • Hi there,

    yea i had my assessment on the 18th of this month, all the health professionals are diff, i don't think any of them are there to be difficult? just have a job to do, and they will ask you Q,s like Can you prepare and cook a simple meal unaided. Can take nutrition unaided. can you Managing therapy or monitoring a health condition. and things like that,

    take a look at this link, this is everything they will ask/mark you on >>> legislation.gov.uk/uksi/201...

    Hope this helps

    marcus6 x

  • Thank you! I would have never have found that page!

  • I just read through your experience - Hope you get what you deserve :)

  • I got the PIP! So happy :)

  • I found the Benefits and Work website useful. They have in-depth guides to help with claims, appeals etc. Good luck!

  • Hi Acheylady, I had mine last week, the lady was from Capita they do Midlands area atos do other areas. She was really nice, but they all seem nice!!! You've just got to tell them every day is a bad day. Good luck xxx

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