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Ra dr visit

Finally got to see the ra dr on wed. She told me I dont have ra but early signs of arthritis and I have fibro she gave me hydroxchloroquine 200mg 2 pills a day to try for 4 months and also told me I need to exercise and lose weight she suggested exercising in water I dont really like water and cant afford to have a membership at our sports centre thats the only indoor swimming place we have our ymca used to have one but they are building a new centre and they only have a little place right now with no pool, I guess I need to start walking again but this heat just kills me and im kind of scared to walk at night

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I looked for ages for a pool I could use when the same thing was suggested to me by health professionals. I cant walk very well and cant get up and down the ladders of public pools due to knee arthritis and ruptured achilles and I refuse to be hoisted in and gawped at (I am really consious of my size) I was scared of water too but luckily in my area there is a self help group for arthritis sufferers who use the hydrotherapy pool at the hospital once a week for a minimal cost. I am more confident in the water though still cant swim and have to have my feet on the floor at all times but it helps and I am getting support from the group at the same time. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, sero neg RA in March this year and have had osteoarthritis for about 3 years. I havent lost weight yet but that is a struggle. Its hard to lose weight (or do much else) when you are not well and fatigue takes over. It might be worth seeing if there is a similar help group near you. I found my help group advertised at the physiotherapy department in the local hospital. I waited a few months on their list and although not a permanent member yet I get a timeslot most weeks. Might be worth popping along to your physiotherapy dept in your local hospital to see what they have. Maybe ask at reception. Also your GP may have an idea of a similar group or even on the hospital notice boards. Hope you find something that helps. Gentle hugs Joolz.x


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