The heat!

It makes my joints swell and ache deep in the bones. It makes me grumpy. I can never sleep; hence the grumpiness. Everyone I know is raving about sunning themselves in their bikinis and I'm sitting in a tent-like dress by a massive fan trying not to cry. It has completed scuppered my plans to increase my level of mobility because it's too hot to walk in this heat. Don't even get me started on what the humidity is doing to my hair! ;)

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  • Hi Crashdoll. I know how you are feeling i am suffering too. My joints feel like they are burning inside. I am suppose to be going to a surprise 50th tonight but at the moement i just dont know what to do. I was coming on here to ask if anyone can help :-( . I hope you will feel better soon. I can honestly say this is the worse i have felt for a long time xx Alison

  • Hi alison. I hope you can make the surprise 50th later on. Rest up this afternoon, keep icing your joints,take your painkillers and maybe just go for a short time tonight. I am supposed to be going to a party tonight too so understand your concerns. I am planning on just going for a couple of hours and then see how I feel. Hope you can enjoy your evening x

  • I'm sorry you're having a rough time too, Alison. :( did you manage to go tonight?

  • I think this type of prolonged heat is really difficult to cope with, I really do empathize. Our immune systems have a lot to cope with on a daily basis and the heat adds even more to the stress. Soaking your feet in really cold water in a foot spa really helps me and putting my feet on ice packs for a short time. Then I can manage a very short walk. Like you I am trying to increase my mobility, can you have a very short walk later on in the day when the temperature is cooler? Or do you have access to a swimming pool, so you can walk in water. Lets hope the temp drops soon, sending you very best wishes with a few lumps of ice.

  • It hasn't seemed to cool enough over the last few days to do much. My joints are swollen, so don't want to push it. Focusing on resting and eating ice lollies!

  • Resting up isn't the better thing to with heat & high humidity crashdoll in my experience with continually high temps & humidity. If you can keep your joints moving they'll be less likely to stiffen & feel a good less sore. Swimming I found really helped & walking in the pool eased my toes, ankle & knee joints wonderfully. Try not put too much cold onto affected areas it doesn't seem to work with warm surroundings, crazily warmth from heated pads or wheat bags is better as it seems to cool the joints. I didn't believe my Consultant when he suggested I try it but it works!

  • Hi - I was "south" last week for 7 days and came home to Northern Scotland to find it windy and grey and actually rather cold. My hands swell up in heat and I always used to get terrible rashes and have to hide but last weekend I actually loved it although my skin and hands weren't that impressed. I have secondary Raynaud's so now, for the first time ever, I find the cold unbearable. I can't even bear to go into supermarkets these days because of the chillers and air conditioning is hard to cope with too. I think all extremes of weather are really difficult to bear for those of us with autoimmune diseases as Metal-legs says. I can completely understand how isolating this feels for you though. My sister is moaning by text that she can hardly bear to walk across the room to pick up her laptop it's so hot whereas here it's grey, drizzling and very windy - which probably sounds like heaven on earth to you and to her right now but it's not to me! Twitchy

  • I thought there was only me suffering in this heat, think every bone in my body is aching so completely understand how you are feeling crashdoll. Keep putting my hands under the cold water tap trying to ease the pain in them but even the water isn't that cold. In the winter I was looking forward to the summer, but never suffered with the pain as bad as this before. Never thought I would say this but roll on winter LOL xx

  • We've got hard (sea mist) in Edinburgh just now and I can send you all a chill down the cyber highways. I find the cool weather we get here much easier to cope with than humid heat. Dry heat is another matter.

    I recommend cool shower to help you cope if you can manage that.

    As twitchy says it is isolating to have RD. Some nice neighbours suggested that they have a party they were planning in our flat rather than t heirs (2nd floor) but I had to say no because I couldn't cope with 20 odd people staying til the small hours. Have made some things to contribute but I will have to keep myself busy this evening until Paddy comes back.

  • I hope you all don't think I'm being horrible here but this weather we're experiencing really is only going to be a relatively short lived bug bear. I'm suffering somewhat too but when I compare it to how I suffered in the Med with even higher heat & humidity, my joints feeling like yours do now for a the best (!) part of the summer months with no let up, I'm coping a little better. My body felt like it weighed twice the weight it normally did & everything was an effort, even trying to stay cool!! The thing that seemed to help me most was sitting in front of or underneath a fan. It'll pass. ;)

  • I'm with you on the heat - it always totally wipes me out and has me aching far worse than cooler temperatures. The north of Scotland suits me fine.

  • The heat and the humidity has been blooming awful. I have been in agony. Several years ago after a rough trip to Spain i went to see my rheumy and she said the extreme tempretures have the same effect as the cold on RA sufferers. It has been so painful for me and add in a broken ankle to the mix and you can see how bad it is. SO i really feel for you and the rain isn't getting rid of the heat and i have just seen the weather forecast and it seems we will be getting more of the same. Hugs from me.xxxxx

  • I love to feel the sun on my aching joints and it doesn't seem to make any diffference to the swelling, the chiller cabinets in the supermarket are a different case though, I hate them and just have to move ASAP away from them.

  • I'm suffering too. Been in constant pain & aches since Wednesday. Cancelled going out yesterday as I could not bare to walk in it. My sleep is disturbed every night now. Don't function well, in extremes of the weather.

    Sending hugs xx


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