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Thanks for everybody's advice I have finally got myself sorted :-)

just a quick update i am staying with blackpool vic for weekly visits of metro pen for methotrexate

apparently they will monitor me and inject me every week until i am on my stable dose(could take at least 3 months)

so my first appointment is the 7th August

thanks again for all your advice i will keep you updated Anne x

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Hiya Anne. At least you can get started on it that way & should be a smooth handover for continual treatment once you've moved in September as long as your records are transferred to Preston if that's the Rheumy team you choose & not staying with Vic.

I asked my h after replying last about the regime with MTX & he remembered her saying that would have been the case for me too if I hadn't injected before. I must have totally ignored that not being relative to me as I had no recollection of this!!!!

Hope you find you do well on it. Is all going to plan with the move? x


yes thanks everything seems to be going to plan we have a 5 day course to go on in birmingham on the 28th of july hope we enjoy that and learn a lot then we should be in a month later

just enjoying a bit of peace at the moment knowing full well it's going to be manic x


Good. At least it's not all totally new to you so have less chance of overloading your brain. I know my cousin found that part so much easier as her dad had pubs all her life & it was the life she'd always known. You take advantage of this time before the start of something of a lifestyle change. x


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