Swollen feet

RA is flaring. :(

I have beautiful shoes to wear for my graduation tomorrow that I can't get my feet into! I am soaking them, icing them, elevating them and I've got some biofreeze spray. Anything else I can do?

My alternative pair of shoes are fine but for one day, I wanted to wear my nice shoes. It's a minor problem, of course, but I just wanted to be 'normal' for the day.

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  • After all that lol, chop them off and stick them in the freezer over night lol.

    Good luck


  • I'm not sure I have time to glue them back on AND do my hair in the morning! ;)

  • I so feel for you especially for such an important occasion when you want to feel spesh & would prefer everything just right. I have a rather exclusive garden party to attend on Sunday & bought a beautiful outfit today but could I find shoes to complete the outfit?......could I heck. So I'll just have to wear some old faithfuls & look happy!!

    I'm afraid I haven't any suggestions to help reduce your swelling except praying to the RD God for a little sympathy but do wish you a lovely day tomorrow. :)

  • Thank you.

    It's so frustrating. I did manage to find shoes but now my feet refuse to go in. I text my friend who said if your outfit is pretty and if you smile enough, people won't notice your feet!

  • Try a pillow under your feet in bed to raise them up as much as you can, I find that helps. My feet are permanently swollen as it's due to the disease, so I really feel for you. Just in case, do you have a comfy pair of shoes you can wear between times when your feet aren't so much on show? it would be worth having an alternative close at hand.

    Most importantly, have a wonderful day!

  • Thank you. :) Yep, I have a comfy pair which I think I'll wear except for the photos. I'm hoping they may be a little smaller in the morning.

  • are you able to tolerate anti inflammatories?

  • Yes, I am on the max dose of celecoxib.

  • Hi, i have never tried it, but my housemate uses Epsom Salts and baths in it; apparently it's great for lots of things. She isn't an RA Sufferer (I am), but like I said; she swears by it.

    The alternative, but not so healthy option, is to ask your GP for a Depromedradone injection... this is a steroid injection, but the symptoms usually subside within 24hrs of this.

    Good luck.


  • I've heard of epsom salts a few times, I must give them a whirl. I am trying to avoid steroids but if my joints don't settle, I may have to consider. Does your GP give them? I thought only rheums/rheum nurses could...?

  • Congratulations on your achievement , you have worked hard to get this with RA. Your friends and family know how are you and will not be the slightest bit interested in what you have on your feet. Enjoy your shoes in a different way. Put them on display in your bedroom so you can enjoy looking at them, they must be nice to look at, you chose them. Later when you can wear them make a point of asking everybody you are with " do you like my graduation shoes?" They all will which will give you more pleasure because they won't be interested today. Do something wacky with them. Take them with you and take a photo of your cap, gown, degree and shoes together. Something to look back on and it should make you smile. Just enjoy day. Shame you can't post a photo to share with us.

  • Thank you so much. That was such a lovely post which made me a bit tearful because your words are so poignant. My comfy shoes are fine and I'll enjoy the day more if I can focus less on my feet and more on my actual achievement - the degree! ;)

    Can we not post photos any more? I shall see if I can post a link to a photo later today.

  • Please do if you can work out how to do it. Don't forget to include your shoes your feet refused to let you wear though otherwise they'll feel left out!

  • Hope you have a lovely day today. Agree with all that's been said, people will look at your smile. Well done you for getting there despite having RD x

  • Thank you. I've had my hair done and I'm about to do my make up. The shoes don't matter!

  • Hi first congratulations on your special day...you will shine no matter...enjoy your day...I take my hat off too you for what you have achieved...your family and friends must be so proud of you...positive mind battling this horrid disease and as much as you would have loved to wear your dressy shoes....maybe not on the day of your graduation but always another day...you won't be thinking about your feet/shoes when your standing tall for what you've achieved today...best of luck to you...Nicola X

  • As you walk the stage for your graduation ( as we do here in the States ) your mind will be far from what you have on your feet. As stated above, your family and friends will only see that beautiful smile anyway, so no worries about the shoes, just soak up the love and support you will feel from all those that love you.

  • I didn't think about my shoes at all except in the context of being very glad I chose the comfy shoes. It meant I could enjoy my day a bit more.

    You're right too. I was so worried about tripping that I didn't care what I had on my feet as long as they stayed firmly on the ground!

  • Congrats my friend on your graduation. Is this your high school grad. or your college? How long have you had RD and what do you take to control it. I am sure your family and friends are so very proud of you for battling this horrid disease and graduating through all you go through.

    Wishing you the very best!

  • Better to be comfortable than smart.

  • I agree and I said several times during the day that I was so glad I went for comfort over style.

  • Well I had to forgo the lovely shoes I bought for my son's graduation ten days ago because they were too risky for me but wore FitFlop sandals instead. I felt very short (well I am actually very short) but was at least very comfortable throughout. His girlfriend wore incredibly high heals which actually made me wince and I noticed a lot of people really struggling not to turn their ankles as they walked up on the stage. I have a funny photo of us standing together looking like the two Ronnie's which makes everyone who sees it hoot with laughter - she is almost off the top of the frame where I'm down somewhere at her midriff! But I was terribly proud of my son and I'm sure your friends and family will feel terribly proud of you too so never mind the feet - go for it! It is quite easy to upload photos although you may have to resize it if it won't load up - can't recall the file size limits now though. Best of luck!

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