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Seem new Rheumi and now also on Amitriptyline

Hi All,

Latest update, went to see the Rheumy privately. He is also a professor and very specialised in Rheumatology. He charged me £150 for the pleasure, however I think it was worth it as we discussed things more and got more sense from him.

I am back on the Pregabaline and he also put me on Amitriptyline 10mg once a day in the evening to start with. It is supposed to help with the nerve tingling/stabbing/burning sensations in the hands and fingers. He said I should try Yoga or Pilates. I keep taking paracetamol and Ibuprofen as well.

He would like to do the electrostatics? type test to see if I have Carpal tunnel in both hands now or if it is just because of the nerve in the neck. But this has to be done on the NHS as my private insurance wont cover this. He wrote to my GP to request this study. Hope my GP wont lose his rag again when he sees that I went private as they were not prepared for me to see one as yet. The rheumy also stated that if the tablets don't work, nor the physio or the yoga/Pilates, then to consider injections into the nerve in the neck.

My physio is also confused. He states that I have pain in my hands and arms when I should not have them and vice versa when doing his tests and exercises. The Rheumy said the same that is why he would like to have the electro test done.

I also take the stuff to line the stomach because of all the pills I am taking.

I worked long hours on Monday to Wednesday. My hands were killing me on Tuesday and the body groaned on Wednesday as well. My right hand is really swollen up and today on Friday its going back a little. I cancelled all gardening activity involuntarily due to the rain and winds yesterday and today. I think I am going to have to really build in a rest day in the middle of the week. Otherwise I wont last long.

I told about my knees making funky crunching noises going up and down the stairs and the knee sometimes not working and sinking off, with a slight pain and me having to steady myself on the other leg. The Rheumy said its all part of the overall arthritis picture.

I am doing the exercises I am told to do, but find no improvement at all. But I will keep on doing them though. Also looking to see if I can find a local Pilates or Yoga class.

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Hiya BreadFruit. Well at least you've seen someone. You'll just have to face up to your GP & tell him you thought you needed to do what you did!!!

I take 10mg amitriptyline when in flare & having trouble sleeping. I take it with my evening meal & by the time I'm going to bed it's relaxed me enough to ease my muscles & that helps me sleep better. Hope it works for you but if it effects you like me don't take it too late as if I do I find it a bit difficult to wake myself up straight away. The dose can be gradually increased if 10mg isn't effective, but remember only on the advise of your GP or Rheumy.

I had carpal tunnel in my left hand & had a nerve conduction test (I guess the same thing) on both arms which confirmed it in both wrists but more immediate surgery was needed in my left so just had the one done. If caught early or not caused by sudden inflammation it is possible it can be treated without the need for surgery. Easy op & I made a good recovery with the help of exercises.

I think you're wise in considering the need for a day off mid week with being a gardener, although exercise is necessary, doing too much isn't the best idea but you're learning to listen to what your body's telling you & that's good. Hope the couple of days enforced rest & the weekend calms everything down. With luck you'll get some good weather (we've had a lovely couple of days here compared to the weather you've had!) so you can have a rest with a sit out in your garden & get some warmth on your joints.


Yes, I will definitely be taking the Wednesday off every week and try not to work Saturdays and Sundays. I want to get Carpal tunnel op on my left hand as the thumb is stiffening up. So need to get that sorted so that this happens in November. Then the right hand in December, so that I am fit by end of February. Start working again in March. Hope this plan will work out.


Wow! that's a considerably quick op on your other hand. I found with just the one I was some while before I had total confidence in my hand, even with exercising daily to build up the strength. I wouldn't have coped I don't think having the other done so quickly. It's usually a simple minor op but it does need to heal properly if you're to use it as your primary hand which you'll have to do if the other is done so soon afterwards. Guess you'll talk it over with the surgeon first? He's the one to advise on how you wish things to pan out.

Hope all goes to plan.


I could have written this myself , glad to know I'm not the only one with horrible tingling and nerve pain , I have been given amitryptiline too and zonks me out but does nothing for the tingling ! they said I could increase the dose but I hate to think what that would do , I would be unconscious ! also got the crunchy knees when going downstairs , very alarming but they don't seem too worried ! , hope you get some relief soon , it's horrible isn't it ? x

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Hiya. How long have you been taking it? I am into my second week now. I do not hear my hubby snoring and I seem to be sleeping better. I do not dream or cannot remember if I dream. I also have less tingling in my hands. Its just the hypersensitivity and the desensitized finger tips. I know it sounds strange, but if something touches the fingers or hands it feels weird and tingly, nearly painful. And if I try to pick up something small like a tablet or try to undo the little clasp on my neck chain I can hardly feel it. So will stick with the Amiriplyline a bit longer. It does say any changes could take up to 4 weeks.


I have had it for a couple of weeks but I have to confess I haven't taken it every night , I just can't function the next day , interesting you say you were told it could take a while to work , I wan't told that , I just assumed it wasn't doing anything , the tingling drives me crazy , really horrible feeling. I do sympathise ! x


It also states not to drive if feeling sleepy or tired.


It says so on the leaflet that comes with the tablets. Did you not get this leaflet? Do not take the tablet too late. I take it by 9 pm and fall into bed by 11 pm or midnight. Then sleep well up to 7 am when family in the house get ready to go to work.


It says so on the leaflet that comes with the tablets. Did you not get this leaflet? Do not take the tablet too late. I take it by 9 pm and fall into bed by 11 pm or midnight. Then sleep well up to 7 am when family in the house get ready to go to work.


I did get a data sheet with them , must've missed that bit ! will give it a proper go maybe , I was told to take it at 6pm but by 8 I'm useless and completely out of it the next day , due to see dr. in august so will discuss it then I think , thanks for the advice x


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