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Does anyone know of help with on copays

I have just been put on the V-go patch for type 2 diabetes and the copay on the insulin it needs to use is 110.00 and that was totally unexpected we are on a tight budget and that was quite a shock not sure what I am going to do they started me on the V-go yesterday with a 1 bottle of the insulin but that will only last 10 days.

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I'm sorry but don't know in which way we could help & don't understand what a copay or V-go is, unless maybe someone is also diabetic as well as having RD. This is the NRAS site, a UK based site for Rheumatoid Diseases & although we do have members worldwide it's really for those with RD & related autoimmune diseases Have you tried asking on a site for diabetes? I'm even more confused as my only experience of Type 2 diabetes is my husband & he takes tablets to control his so know nothing about insulin, sorry. Maybe someone on one of the diabetes sites could be of help to you.

Hope you get the answer you need.


Thank you


Thats something you'd need to ask on a message board that has more folk from the US. This board is primarily UK folk and we have a national health service.


I agree with the above. You need to do a google search for a US based diabetes forum; a UK based RA forum is not appropriate for your needs.


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