Swelling - up and down

I've been on Humira for 12 weeks now (plus injected MTX and leflunomide) and I'm finally seeing an improvement in symptoms which is great news. I've noticed that my swelling seems to wax and wane more. I may be swollen but it lasts a matter of hours, not days. Has anyone else noticed this? It seems like a good sign, so I'm not worried, just curious.

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  • Yes!! Been the same on Orencia. I have noticed quick differences in the swelling going up and down. May be it meAns it's working, fingers crossed ( if I could ha ha)

  • It seems like positive news then! Out of interest, what time of the day do you notice your swelling the most? I seem to swell in the early morning and then at the end of the day.

  • Same but often around 4 pm too as that always my slump time!!

  • Me too. I always need a snooze then which isn't helpful when I'm at work!

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