Hi does anybody else with RA suffer hot Sweats in the night( sometimes 3 a week) plus fingers feeling if they have been scalded

I have recently been diagnosed with RA after a long wait to have Blood test & X-Rays had a blood count of 200. I have been given Naproxen 500mg twice a day plus ZaPain up to 8 a day. Have yet to see a Rheumatologist did have an appointment but it was cancelled & waiting for a new date. So not sure whether these symptoms are due to the RA or side effects from the Medication, if anybody else has had or has these symptoms I would love to know.

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  • Hi I've had RA for 7 years and on a biological treatment also naproxen and yes you can get these episodes of hot sweats or you may find your knees or hands are burning and are usually bright red and swollen it is common with RA you will find once you are on a DMARD your symptoms may ease...I was told it's the inflammation but also meds do it as well ....sometimes they just don't know which...Good luck hope you see a Rheumatologist soon what I did was write all the questions down you get in there and go blank lol...and also write down what's been happening and when they will ask just a quick note will do....:-)

  • Many thanks Tonichick for your reply I'm grateful for you Information. I have since received an appointment for Monday so will certainly be making a list of questions to ask. Seems I have a lot to learn about living with RA.

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