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Flareup? Now on Gabapentin 300mg

I posted this some 3 months ago:

"The result from the MRI are that I have a degenerative process in the neck vertebrates between 4 and 6. There are 7 vertebrates between head (1) and shoulder (7). The nerves are trapped and that is creating the problem. There is more wear and tear than expected at my age and the rheumy said its because of a degenerative arthritis process."

The last two weeks have been hell and it seems to be getting worse. I am a gardener for those who do not know me. I really struggled in the gardens the last two weeks. Also my sleep has been disrupted a lot because I cannot sleep because of the pain in my arms and hands. Its this burning pain, pins and needles, ache etc. No grip, pain when making a fist, well half a fist as the fingers are so swollen up.

I just cannot get comfortable anymore lying down or sitting. Last night I swapped sides constantly from head to foot to let my arm dangle down. This created some release on the dangling arm but put a crink on my neck. This morning my hands were swollen more than they were ever before. I cannot put my wedding on my finger. Wont even fit on the little finger.

Cancelled all my appointments for today. No point as I cannot do up the zipper nor brush my hair. Let alone drive or handle any tools. Arghh!

Saw GP a few days ago because of this and also because I felt a lump, which thankfully turned out to be a false alarm. Anyway she took me off the Pregabalin and put me on Gabapentin. Probably a bit early but I notice no difference. In fact since then the hands have become worse and my neck is hurting me again and the shoulder a bit.

GP wont let me see a Rheumy until all other avenues have been exhausted. I.e. take all the pain killers and other things and have 3 sessions with the physio, before they will even contemplate sending you to a specialist.

Having investigated this and having these problems in my family (mother, grandmother, Aunt and her daughter (we are the same age)), I have come to the conclusion that the NHS is making people sick because they take too long and the damage is done going from acute to chronic. Creating this army of disabled people which need to be disabled or in this severe pain.

Therefore I have come to the conclusion that will use up my savings to pay for a Rheumatology specialist. I am going to see one on Monday. This is the other farce. If pay £150, I can see a specialist within a few days. What a joke. Why do people have to wait so long to see a specialist on the NHS? This just makes no sense.

My limited BUPA insurance will pay if I need surgery, but wont pay to see a consultant. That is another con; wait and see when August rolls around as then my premiums will go up as they had to pay for the MRI. I expect to pay around £100 per month then.

I was doing fine. And then this. I think its called a flareup. It sure feels like one.

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i think i would insist on seeing someone else for another diagnoses, as you say the longer its left the more damage could be done.

wish you luck and sending hugs XXX



thanks Chris. My son just got me some Volterol extra to take tonight. I need some sleep.

I think I created the perfect storm. I weaned myself off the ibuprofen and a flareup comes. Or maybe because I am off it the flareup came on.

All will be revealed hopefully on Monday.


I use feldene gel which is stronger than Voltarol and I also take gabapentin for spinal stenosis. I still have pain but it's bearable. I find unfair that you have to go private. All of these can be prescribed by your GP. Could you ring your Rheumatology nurse, they could also get you a kenalog injection?

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I do not have a rheumy nurse. I am not that far down the chain yet.


I also take etoricoxib which is also an anti-inflammatory. That could also be prescribed! Good luck


I will check that out. Thanks


No problems! Let me know how you get on!


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