Numb hands and lump in breast?

Hiya, not been on here for a while.

Been trying to study for my RHS exam which was yesterday and later today. I must say that I completely bottled it up yesterday and all I will get for my efforts are a fat zero fail. I even nodded off a couple of times.

I am still on Lyrica (Pregabalin). In fact a couple of weeks ago we doubled the doses to 200 mg per day. I had terrible pins and needles in my arm and hands and could hardly sleep. I was knackered, and still feel tired but not as bad as then.

I also had my first physio session last week. Only took them 4 months for me to get them ;-). Most of the exercises I was doing already naturally. My problem is I have an impinged nerve (due to arthritis) in my neck at between C5 and C7, which is sending wrong info into my shoulders and arms. I have no shoulder pain anymore, and the pain in the arms has gone as well. Just my hands are playing up now. I am a gardener and at times it is very hard going. My working day does not start before 11 am as I need the time to get the hands going. They are also swollen up and I have difficulty doing simple things like opening a water bottle. You know, all the stuff we can do when hands work just fine.

My suspicion is that my hand problems are a side effect of the Lyrica pills. So I took the decision to wean myself off them slowly for a week and see what happens with my hands, arms and shoulders. I also go less to the toilet to weewee, another side effect and could lead to kidney failure according to the very large product leaflet from Lyrica/Pfizer.

If it were not for the hands issue I feel reasonably good taking everything into consideration (except for the hands and feeling tired).

But this morning I was resting myself on the table and my boob got trapped between table and arm. I felt a pain. So I felt myself there and found a lump. But I am a bit hesitant to run to the doctor again. I may have bumped it whilst working. Also my hands are too desensitized to feel the exact lump or what is going on. It may be nothing. But it may not be. I am absolutely terrified and this keeps me from calling the doctors. Maybe I should wait a day and see what happens?

I am just so sick and tired of this all and hope not another issue will hit me, especially something like breast cancer.


totally terrified

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You must be feeling very frightened, but you have taken the first step and told us, now you know you MUST get an appt with your gp ASAP

As you say, it's probably nothing sinister, but you won't know until you see the doc.

PLEASE ring now, I've seen firsthand the results of delay.

I'll be thinking of you. Do let us know how you get on. Luv M x


Hi Breadfruit,

Sorry you are feeling so bad. A lump in the breast needs to be checked by a doctor. Don't feel in any way bad about going to see the doctor about it. This is obviously worrying you a lot and that is reason enough to get it checked.


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


I can't stress clearly enough Breadfruit but please don't put off going to the GP about this. The fear is culpable, it's fearing the worst, but the options if you don't act quickly are far worse. It could well be nothing more than natural thickening or you've bumped yourself without realising & caused a lump but you do need to get it checked out sooner rather than later. I really feel for you at this moment. I was fortunate in that I had a regular call-up for a mammogram, as is the norm for over 50's in my area anyway, when returning to the UK (they caught up with me on just about everything like that). I duly went, had the mammogram & was recalled a few days later. I had to have a biopsy which was not in the lease unfortable, as something showed up & the next week whilst waiting for the results was hellish I won't deny but fortunately in my case it turned out to be calcium deposits that were showing as shadow so needed no further treatment. If you have a female GP in your practice maybe that would be the best option as there's less chance of being embarrassed if that's how you're feeling. My own female GP lost her mother to breast cancer because she left it too long before getting hers checked & had suspected for a while (her own husband was a GP too) & is indeed in the high risk category herself. My own sister-in-law has had repeated requests to attend for mammogram & throws them away saying what I don't know can't harm me. How wrong she could be & I just can't fathom it.

Hope weaning off the Lyrica solves your problem. It can be a so & so of a drug with some people. Do hope too you pass your exam in spite of feeling you haven't.


I agree you should go to your GP very soon. Many of us feel we are making a fuss if we are always at the doctors. But this needs immediate attention.

You have a lot on your plate, and how dreadfully frustrating that your hands keep letting you down.

As for the exams, there is plenty of time to have another go at them. Concentrate on getting well first.

Good luck to you!


I can understand your fear. I have just had a skin cancer scare, luckily it wasn't cancer but I got so worked up about it. I think the longer you leave going to the doctors the more your fear will escalate. It's natural to think the worst scenerio, it may not be as bad as you think. Best wishes x



As the others have said please go to the doctors as even though it will probably nothing its not worth taking the risk with things like this.

Take care xx


Thanks for all the replies. I will call the GP in the morning. The pain has already lessened but better safe than sorry.


Well done you for being brave and going to find out. Chances are that it will just be a benign cyst or something like that, but as others have said you do need to check.


I'm really pleased you've reached that decision. It was worth the question & guess you just needed a little help to convince you really needed to do it. As the pain has lessened it was maybe just a bump you've dismissed. Doesn't help not really being able to determine with your hands yourself either does it? As you say yourself better safe than sorry but do hope you've no need to be concerned. Let us know, I'm sure I speak for all who replied that we'd like to be updated to know you're ok or if you need to have further investigation. We're here if you need to talk. :)


Breast lumps for any reason and of any kind shouldn't be left - the sooner you get to your GP, the sooner the process can start of identifying what it really is. It may not be anything, but you don't want to delay this kind of thing just in case it might be something.


Seeing a female doctor about the lump in my breast this morning.

She will also look at the meds situation and see if she can give me something else.

I will ask if she can refer me to an NHS Rheumy regarding my neck. Physio is a joke and not helping at all. I need to see a specialist and need to get onto that elusive waiting list. I cannot afford to go private again.

If only the burning sensations would disappear. This morning was hell again waking up. the pain in the hands and partially the arms is crazy. I woke up a couple of times again due to the pain.

I am so glad I invested in a battery powered little hedge and grass edge clippers. There is no way I could do this with my own hands, just no strength or feelings in them. Could not even open a tin of beans this morning.


Phwee... Dr could not find any lump. But there was tenderness. maybe I knocked myself or its a side effect of the meds.

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Good news!

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