Anyone on Leflunomide 15mg?

I was prescribed the 15mg dose by my rheumatologist last Tuesday due to side effects at 20mg but I'm still waiting for my GP to issue the prescription. My GP says the drug is only available in 10mg or 20mg but I've looked it up and it's now also available in 15mg. This is so frustrating as I'm currently stuck on a dose which is wiping me out and feel like I'm banging my head on a brick wall. Has anyone else been given this new dose?

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prob because the 15mg dose costs more than the other two! maybe NICE recommend not to use that dose for that reason? GPs tell fibbers. They would prefer hospital to prescribe. Ask at Boots - they will tell truth. I once had GP phoning local Boots saying if anyone asked then lie and say no, don't stock the dose I was advised to have by the hospital.....

Luckily they told me. The hospital wrote a stern letter to GP saying I was to have that particular dose.

Once Boots tell you they can supply it then you can contact your GP telling him so.


Thanks Jell, I looked up the company who make the drug and sent an email. I've just had a call from one of their executives telling me they will try to sort this problem out for me asap. I cant believe that nobody from my Gp surgery could manage to do this almost a week ago when the prescription was issued. I think you're right about cost as my GP tried to get me to ask for sulphasalazine instead when it was first prescribed at 20mg.


am on 10mg but don't see any diffrents


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