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Advice please on fluid on knees and ankles

Hi all I have ra and oestio. Can anyone tell me when you get fluid on knees and ankles outside bone. Is it better to swim to try and move the fluid or rest it. I don't see specialist till August. I can't have steriod treatment or drugs I'm funny with them. Thanks carol

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I've been attending a weekly group called 'taking control of inflammatory arthritis' at the hospital I go to. The last session was on pain control. I have PsA, not that there's a huge difference, but the group is mostly for RA-ers. We were told that it's essential to keep moving as best you can, regardless of what your disease is doing. With swollen joints or a flare, gentle movements / gentle exercise is wisest and I'd have thought that swimming was ideal. (Not across the Channel, mind!) We were told that if joints hurt for a while after exercise there isn't necessarily anything to worry about, as long as the pain is not excessive or doesn't last for more than an hour and a half.

I'm not sure that swimming etc. would help move the fluid but it would help to strengthen the muscles that support the joints which in turn gives the joint some protection. Plus regular exercise helps with mood and even with fatigue.


See my recent post about physio


Swim...and enjoy, its the best medium for R A Exercise as you have freedom of movement without putting weight and pressure on the joints. Just spent a month in Bali, feel like a different person, swam everyday in lovely warm water and went for full body massages every second day. At first it was agony on my hands and feet, but they worked the nodules and i just clenched my teeth and went for it. Vast vast improvement, best thing I ever did,


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