Where can I return my RA?

I have had enough now and I'd like to please take my RA back where it came from. I've had it for nearly 5 years, is it too late for a simple refund? I don't have the receipt because it was certainly nothing I chose. I just awoke one day and there it was. I'm more than happy to give it to a charity shop but RA isn't so friendly, so not sure I want to inflict in on some poor unsuspecting soul. I'm really quite tired of waking up every morning to find RA still in the same room as me. I have tried lots of methods but it seems we are just not compatible. Do you see my dilemma? I would like to return my RA to wherever it came from, so can anyone please help me?

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  • if you DO manage to find a way to "dispose" of your RA please share because i would love to do the same./ 3 years now and im a pi*%d as you

  • Me too. I have no use for my RA now. It's just not fit for purpose any more and is cluttering up my life. Wish I could just take it down to the local tip and get rid of it forever!!

  • Could it perhaps be treated like toxic waste and incinerated? I agree I think it needs decommissioning asap.

  • I too would like to hand my RA back, I was diagnosed 28 years ago and I can't seem to get rid of it.

  • Love it! Mine's like an old friend now who nags & doesn't know when to give me some peace, a damn nuisance & doesn't get the hint. Even tried moving from one country to another & followed me so that doesn't work.

  • It keeps coming back 'return to sender'.

    Having had this for 27 years after the last 18 months I would gladly settle for second best if a return is not possible. I'm not asking for miracles - I think we all know we can not get back to what we were before this disease struck but just to be more manageable, consistent and with the disease under control leading to less or better still no pain, tiredness or swelling would help.

  • Love it xx argos are good but not that bloody good xxx

  • What a great idea

  • don't know but if you find the address please share it , no good putting it out with the rubbish the bin men can't seem to get the hang of taking the ordinary stuff ! x

  • Well they seem to be recycling most things these days so why not RA etc. I'm thinking there must be plenty of people out there with under active immune systems so maybe a bit of overactivity would balance the books ;) x

  • I tried to take my RA to the post office. They can deal with most things, right? Well, RA moaned and whinged and stropped while we were in the long queue, thus cementing my decision to get rid. They took my other parcel but sadly could not take my parcel of RA! So, I brought RA home and he needs to go in time out for ruining my morning!

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