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Hello peeps, I've got my 1st appointment to see rhumatoligist on Monday, What can I expect? Don't think docs no wats wrong :-(

I'm fed up of being fed up!!!! Its a vicious circle. Fibro rules my life, I'm frustrated cause carnt do wat I could before, in turn I'm depressed, I try and do even daily tasks which leave me shattered which makes me fed up. Keep asking doctor for just one "good" tablet to take :-( hate this fibro

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Say all that you're frustrated with & what you can and can't do when you go for your appointment. Don't fret about the Rheumatologist: he or she will definitely know what's up. They'll have a look at your joints & movement, and try to ascertain how far disease has gone. They do know what's wrong x


Thank you Andrea, I intend to tell them everything. I'll report back Monday . X


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