Well nows the time I wish I had read all the posts about Methotrexate because I start on it tomorrow lol, only a low dose though lol 7.5mg Methotrexate and 5mg frolic acid next day.

So now I'll have to start reading all the posts lol, any advice is great .

Thank you


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  • Don't read anything! Just believe that it will be great and will work in double quick time.... It's been a wonder drug for me. Oh, and DON'T take the tablets with a large glass of whisky!

  • Sounds good to me lol thank you,

  • Like the idea of frolic acid sounds

  • HEHEHEHE, I just noticed that lol

  • Like baby lambs

  • But without the jumping around lol

  • Drink lots of water, I'm sure it helps with Mtx. Otherwise I'd just second helix's words. I think of it as an old workhorse - takes ages to get going but does the job reliably & well (for many people anyway).

  • That's good to know, thank you

  • Yes will ask my clinic if I can have Frolic acid lol. Sounds fun.x

  • You never know your luck lol

  • Frolic acid made me smile. Frolic acid every day except methotrexate day for me, thought my issues were MTX now I realise its the frolic acid that just is failing to work!!!! I'm going to call it that from now on!

  • Lol yeahhhhh, famous for being a frolic lol

  • You should be fine - I've been on 20 mg weekly for four years, first tablets, then injectables and no side effects really - it hasn't worked as well for me as it does for some people but have had no scary experiences or side effects. Good luck!

  • Thank you Annielou, hopefully I'll be a lucky one lol.

  • Good luck Philip, I have been on 7.5 mg of mtx plus hydroxy since diagnosis in 2009. I never managed a higher dose as my bloods wouldn't take it but it has worked well and I have just been told I am in remission. It is slow to work though so don't expect too much too soon.


  • Thank you SueB, they are keeping a close eye on me lol.


  • Hi Philip,

    I've been on the same dosage as you you've been recommended for both methotrexate and folic acid, for the last year.

    It took a while for relief to kick in, but now I've had magical results, practically no pain, numbness and cramp which I used to feel before. No alcohol on the day before during and after. Works well for me. Best of luck.

  • Wow sounds good, thank you, relief from pain is worth millions lol, I don't drink so that'll be ok lol

  • Hi Philip. When I started on good old methotrexate I had read nothing about it on these posts. I only knew what my consultant told me and the leaflet enclosed with meds. I'm so glad I hadn't read more at that time because I would have been scared stiff to take it. Believe me, do as my old dad would have said "suck it and see". Maybe I am lucky but I can't speak highly enough of it. I have basically no side effects and do not wake in the middle of the night with that terrible pain in my hands and feet. So Philip, relax, go with it and judge for yourself, you may also be like me and benefit from it. Good luck!!!

  • No leaflets from anyone for me to read lol, I look it up and. Soon turned the laptop off too lol, scary stuff.

  • Have faith! I think consultants like to try mtx 1st. I have been on 15 mg for 5 yrs or more with only a few headaches to cope with. I'm officially in remission so it seems to work for me. Of course, it may not last but for the moment I'm grateful for it. Good luck

  • Sounds good being in remission, I'm on Sulfasalazine since the beginning, about 3 years now so this is on top lol, what next lol.


  • Thank you everyone

  • It's been my magic pill,I read all sorts and scared me to death,but nothing but good to say about mtx,its my best friend and helps me lead a normal life :)))) good luck michelle x

  • Thanks shell, it's getting better and better this stuff, thank heavens i don't have to pay or the stuff.

  • My 3rd week of the weekly dose and everything has gone well, no side effects lol but a dizzy spell the other day, here hoping it works for me lol and the frolic acid is going well too, YAY.


  • I've just returned from clinic and being dreading it but Sulphasine + Hydro isn't helping my Rheumatoid my thyroid shot up took ages to get down since xmas had anaemia they're excluding gi stuff but as its 11 its ok (in truth lm bit disappointed no txt So ankles+ knees worsening bit deformed actually I had hydro inj and to start Mxt the paperwork will be posted so lm reading your positive posts biting my lip 😧 I've been moaning so long lm gonna try and be positive is it tablets to begin any advice would be great.

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