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Hello! My Enbrel was delivered today.so I had my first dose. I take methotrexate, plaquel, folic acid, gabapentin and stomach meds

I understand my immune system will be very poor. I don't know how long it will take for that to happen. One of my questions is I have a parrot, and I wonder if she could make me sick. I cleaned her cage today but work gloves. I guess I'm asking what things do I need to do to protect myself from getting sick. Part of me feels like I'm running scared because I take care of my elderly parents, and if I'm sick I can't go near them because one bad cold or flu could kill them. I live downstairs in a big house. Upstairs there's four bedrooms and different people live in those rooms. The kitchen is shared, that scares me because not everyone is clean. I haven't had a cold or flu for at least a year and a half. How sick will I get/how often.

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You don't always get sick, you are just more prone to catching bugs . I use handgel all time to help stop flus and colds. Hand washing regularly is also needed.

Use rubber gloves when doing the parrot tray, maybe get the Parrot checked at the vet, I believe that psitticcosis is one of the diseases you would worry about but as the parrot is not in contact with other birds I don't know how likely that would be??

But just use regular precautions, maybe get a flu jab so you don't catch flu?

And good luck with the Enbrel I really hope it works very soon xx

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Good morning to you! I do use gloves to do the parrot cage. I got her when she was a baby and she had all her shots so I don't think she has any diseases. I did put hand sanitizer in my car and in my purse I really don't want to get sick. I can't get the flu shot because I'm allergic to the egg in it and I actually get sick when I had the flu shot. Ty! I won't be so scared that I'll get sick a lot now. However, I will still be very careful. I walked today I think I overdid. According to my pedometer I walked a mile and a half. I got two houses away and my feet and my hips and many other places hurt pretty bad. That's why I'm still awake at 3:20 In the morning LOL xx

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Ow, wot u like lol, a mile and a half ouch but actually I'm just jealous!

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Don't be! I will be in bed all day! Lol! Just before I started chatting here I was walking 4 miles 5 times usually a week. Things did hurt at that time but nothing like now. I can't believe, for what I had been use to such a short time ago I won't do again at least not for a long time. Allanah, I dragged myself and cringed with each step.

I was on infliximab for ten years and wasn't particularly susceptible to infection. And I got over them faster than other members of my family. I had a flu injection though!

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Cathie that's great to hear. When I got the flu shot I got sick. My doc said I was allergic to the egg in it. Ty!

Hi Abby ,

I started biologics last year and have actually found that I have been able to fight off most things. I have dogs and cats and no issues, not quite the same as Parrot I know but still have litter trays to clean out and dog poo to pick up. I also find myself in areas that have a higher than normal rate of infection. I discussed this with my nurse and she said that I already have the antibodies I need against the infections I commonly come up against so is not like me going Into a new environment with a lowered immune system. My kids regularly bring home bad colds and viruses and I seem to be able to hold all of them off. So for me , I simply take sensible precautions which I did before anyway and all is good at the moment

Good luck with the new drug


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So glad to hear! I was thinking I was going to catch cold after cold. I feel better about my bird. I will still use gloves to clean her cage. Ty Sal


Many of us here have pets and take care because of our immune systems Pets give much more that illness they give love.

On my diagnosis with depression they recommended getting a dog, it was the best thing I ever did. We get more out it than the chance of illness, we get unconditional love and attention. They are more human than some humans


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Bob you are so right!! Because if her I get up in the morning. She is a snuggling bird. She will lay down on her side insisting on being pettied. :-)

Flu vaccine: Safe for people with egg allergy? - Mayo Clinic


There is a flu vaccine that doesn't contain egg proteins, approved for use in adults age 18 and older. And even flu vaccines that do have egg proteins can be ..., lots of advice Abby on google saying there is a flu jab that is safe for people with egg allergy.

Allanah, I will do that. Also will talk to my doc about it. All I know is I got pretty sick from the flu shot I got years ago and have been scared to try it again. Thank for the info.

Thank you all for your support and sharing your stories. Wishing you all feel good vibs.

Wishing less pain to all!


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Keep us informed about how embrel is working for you!

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I will Cathie. So far no side effects and at the injection site I can't even tell where I gave myself a shot. I do hope it will kick in soon. I will send a message here as soon as I feel anything LOL. Have a great day

Purifiers will help!

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Thank you! I will have one just in case.

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