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Update on father,


He has gone into a Care Home . He arrived at tea time yesterday and was very tired as he had been in the discharge ward all day waiting for his transport and then a long journey to the home. Which at times can be bumpy. He has lost weight when they weighed him this morning, so i was right he was not eating at home and then in hospital he wasnt eating enough. So once he has settled i can settle a bit .

Hope you are all looking forward to spring things can only get better is what i say LOL .


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My mam too has gained weight in the home, three meals a day, cakes scones etc she's living it up and loves the company. Hope he now has a fast recovery xxx

I hope your father gets on well in the home which I'm sure he will. It must be a load off your mind that he will be given the care he needs. There comes a time when you have to let go as you are not in the best of health yourself. Anyway take care of yourself and best wishes to your father. Xxx

I am pleased for you you Chris,that is a load of your mind. Now you can rest assured that he will be taken care of and that they will make sure he eats. Now all you have to do is settle his house. I am you can enjoy being with him without worrying all the time. Your health will ease as well without the stress. I am happy for you.xxxx


Chris ,I'm sure once his settled you will be much happier knowing his being cared for getting 3 meals a day his medication & care plan & best of all his not alone & will have company . Such a worry for you I've been there and it's not nice . Sending hugs teresa x

I hope your father settles quickly and finds he enjoys the care and company. We had quite a battle getting my mum to realise she needed specialist care but once she agreed she improved immensely. Her health stabilised as staff made sure she took her meds and ate and drank properly so no more yo-yoing between hospital and home. She's now happier than she's been in years as she's well looked after and has no responsibilities. I'm sure you'll find it a massive weight off your shoulders x

Its not easy seeing your father go into a home Chris, but it's for the best. I'm sure he'll be well looked after and you can enjoy your visits with him without the worry you had before. Take some time to look after yourself and your own needs now. Take care. Angela x

thanks everyone for your kind comments. My father is 91 yrs young and is very independant and stuck in his ways. So i hope he settles quickly, one thing that has already been noticed is he does'nt like pressing buttons, as he was told to do on his first night, as they didnt want him to fall when he got up to go toilet. So that was and is a worry. The reason they gave him was they needed to see for their selves how he was on his feet.

So thanks again and i hope you are all ok. and not in too much pain. Sending you all hugs.


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