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Another new med

Morning all, hope everyone is going to have a good day. (we can all hope can't we) Last week I started on Humira. I was so scared of doing the injection. I don't know why as I already inject MTX weekly. I have also tried Hydroxychloroquine which resulted in a drug rash up my arms so had to come off it. So now Humira.

I have had a positive experience with healthcare at home. They called me to say when delivery was and it turned up as planned. That same afternoon I got a call to ask if I had in fact received it and I was booked in for the following day for the nurse to come to my home to train me. At 6pm that same evening the nurse called to give me a time and she appeared on the day at the time she said. She was very nice and didn't rush me at all.

That was last weds, then on Friday I got a headache which lasted til yesterday. Headaches are not something I usually suffer from so it must be a side effect from the Humira.

Not sure what to expect now as my rheumy said it should work quickly if it is going to but others say a few weeks to get in to your system. So will just have to play it by ear. Got another 5 weeks before I go back to rheumy clinic. Bloods on Monday so that will be interesting.

Last week I finally signed up to be a member of NRAS. I got my info pack very quickly. I am still reading it though. The little cards are very useful to give to family who just don't get it so thanks NRAS.

Anyway, keep smiling as I know we all still have something in our lives to smile about even through the pain.

Mine? I have been married to my soulmate and best friend for 32yrs tomorrow now there is something to smile about :)

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Glad ok



Hi! Happy anniversary! And well done on 32 years and starting your Humira!

Glad to hear you sounding so positive. XxxA


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