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They were taken:

stolen away like a thief in the night,

who crept along in the fading light

and tip-toed up to where they lay

before the start of a shining day.

They left the beds they slept upon

and no-one knew where they had gone.

Their robes still hang in the closet - there

and the brushes, which untangled their hair

still lay on the dresser, unused, forlorn,

as the silvery sky welcomes the dawn.

We searched the garden, we called their names,

we peered all day through the window panes.

Oh, how we longed to see the trace

of a smile upon a much loved face.

But never a sight and never a sound,

as though they'd vanished into the ground.

Each day the sun sends out his rays

to warm our empty, lonely days

and the feathery moon travels across

the tilted sky in search of the lost.

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Wow, deep! Couldn't sleep for thinking childish

" monsters " under the bed lol. Feel this coming on tonight ha ha xxxx


Lovely. Thank you x


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