I appear to have developed an allergy to chocolate........oh horror!!!!

Started noticing over the last few weeks that I tended to sneeze after eating a piece, but on Saturday morning I rather over indulged!!! and by the afternoon and all day Sunday I was sneezing like mad, and my nose was running like a tap. I thought I had caught the cold going round at work, but on Monday morning I was fine. Anyone else experienced anything similar, or is it just me, and nothing to do with RA or meds?

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  • Hello

    That would be nasty, we all need a chocky fix, I suppose personally I would see if it happened again.

    Life would be a little stressed if we could not reach out for that boost


  • Oh my goodness! That's terrible!!! :( I,d be devastated if that were me! Have you tried a purer dark chocolate? Not sure why, just a thought :)

  • unfortunately I don't like dark - find it too bitter...... If I suffer the same reaction to chocolate cake I'm in real trouble!!!!!!

  • You,ll be fine with chocolate cake, there's not even calories in that :) lol

  • Oh my that is a side effect too tough to take, if indeed it is a side effect. Whatever it's been caused by, sounds truly appalling!!!!my thoughts are with you and I hope you get back to chocolate stuffing very soon xxx

  • I think I'll just have to pace myself and suffer for the cause....!!!!!

  • It'll be worth it :)))

  • My husband sneezes if he has high cocoa content chocolate. I have read that food intolerances are common with RA?

    Might just have to eat little at a time!

  • I had 'just the two' mini cream eggs last night, which brought on a few sneezes and made my eyes and nose prickle a bit, but I didn't start streaming again thankfully, so I guess it's just going to have to be little..........but often! xx

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