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Rather long, and a bit spooky. But hope you enjoy it.

Rather long, and a bit spooky. But hope you enjoy it.

Wuthering Heights

Heathcliff-like, you haunt my dreams,

central force of all my schemes.

Each decision carefully planned,

manoeuvred by your guiding hand.

Seeds you scattered long ago

only now begin to grow;

germinating slowly first,

unfolding with an unquenched thirst.

Across the barren wasteland calling;

as the burning sleet is falling;

Kathy walks with silent tread

through the lowlands of the dead

where ancient ghosts with hollow eyes

search the endless, sullen skies

and icy fingers pierce the skin,

trying to reach the soul within.

The air is filled with Ravens' cries

and jilted lovers mournful sighs.

Their bitterness will not be shaken,

nor their torment be forsaken.

Call your Kathy from her cold

and empty moorland road.

To Wuthering Heights, bring her back home,

no more these twisted paths to roam.

Out onto the frozen moor

where deep snow lies and north winds roar,

Heathcliff passes through the vale

with eyes so black and skin so pale;

as kathy waits beneath the Elm,

to welcome to her lonely realm

the one whose love she once rejected,

who now her heart shall keep protected.

When the day is quiet and still

look out towards the Heathered hill

just as the Sun is going down

and shadows swathe it like a gown.

Two lovers walking hand in hand

across the shimmering, whitened land.

Where they are going, no-one can know -

they leave no footprints in the snow.

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Superb.....lovely writing. Conjures some lonely images across the hills. Great imaginary.


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Oooo spooky!...But I'm right there!! ......beautifully written

Thank You


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Beautifully written...I studed Wurhering Heights and loved can used so many emotional and evocative words and you have's brilliant .mary. Just been to see Ruby at the hospital...a huge wow!!!! X

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Very well written enjoyed the read thanks for sharing x


Wonderful prose. Well done!


That's very evocative. I like it.


Loved it,my favourite book you did it proud thank you x


Ooh enjoyed that spooky wonderful writing :-)


Hi. This is good and makes it easy to view the scene. I'm quite new to this forum and have only just come across your poems, Are they your own work?


Yes benjijen, I have a back catalogue of about 137 general poems and about 57 specifically about cancer. Sadly, not all are quite as good as this



Love the poems. They are a joy to read. X

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Excellent cx




Wow! That Was incredible! Thank you for sharing that. I didn't know anything about Wuthing Heights. I want to know more. I will look for a book. You helped me find something to focus on. Having a very hard time with RA pain, meds and weakness. I can't open things. It's ok I don't have anything worse and I'm not dying.


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