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Hello everyone, happy new year to you all............................................ Been on sulfasalzine for 2 weeks now but got bad pain

in my stomach and diarrhoea, been on methotrexate for a good few months now, but not doing very well on these, I take lanzoprosol (spelt wrong sorry) but still feel bad, started on 1 per day, now on 2, but was meant to increase to 3 as of yesterday but im very reluctant, am going to my GP tues next week but feel like I have got a little mini bug??? Is this normal????????????????? thank you for your help xx

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Definitely see your GP, and ask about slowing down the SSZ increases, so you have more chance to get used to it. if it is the SSZ that is making you feel ill, then increasing to the next dose right now will just make you feel a whole lot worse,and maybe even trigger a hypersensitivity reaction. The reason they get you to start with one tablet and slowly increase is so that your body can get used to them gradually and minimise the reaction you would get if you took the whole lot straight off, so the golden rule is to not move to the next dose level until you are tolerating the current dose OK. That doesn't just go for DMARDs, but for any med that takes a bit of getting used to. Most folk can increase as prescribed, but some folk do need to take it a bit slower.

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