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Comfortable New Year all! Just wonder if anyone who has CT's to monitor lung nodules has been called for a PET scan? I was contacted by the lung consultant by phone because the nodules had changed in appearance on the last CT,and heard from the scan people very quickly and had the scan yesterday.I think these PET scans are very expensive so that raises bit of concern. Thanks for any feedback. jaxx

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Hi jaxx. i had a ct scan in november and lung nodes were found. i`m having another ct scan in a week to see if there`s any change. i`d convinced myself i had cancer and got in a right tizz, but on seeing the chest consultant after the first scan he didnt think it was an issue and said its part of the RA. the pet scan (like a CT scan) is just a diagnostic tool-and a very good one! its like the doc being able to have a really good look-in 3D-at what`s going on. hope you dont have to wait too long for the results, i know its awful when its on your mind. try to keep positive, all the best x


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