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Does anyone else with RA wake up with discomfort and soreness around the rib cage?

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Hi Shareasmile, I have been in pain and discomfort in the ribs for sometime,but I also have lumps along the ribs and below the ribs, which I

have been told are lipomas, which I have a lot of. My Rheumy registrar has made an appointment for me to see a general surgeon for the 9th January so will let you know what happens. There is definitely something going on with the ribs other than the lipomas, not sure what yet.



I have had costochondritis - inflammation of the joints between the ends of the ribs and the sternum. That gave me tender joints down the front, but I think it also affected the joints at the back because there was pain between the shoulder blades as well. All part of the joint inflammation we are so familiar with, and of course worse in the mornings.



I have Psoriatic Arthritis that effects the rib cage on occasions, it can effect your breathing as the rib cage has problems moving and flexing so that the lungs have restricted movements. The Sturnam can also cause problems Sometimes you may have referred pain to the spine.and possible shoulders

There is very little you can do regarding this all I can say is keep taking the tablets.

All the best



I do get pain in my ribs my rhymi said it was the ra, sometimes its right across my chest and in my shoulders at the same time.