Another poem

Another poem

Jennifer Bream

I used to envy Jennifer Bream

her long red hair and skin like cream,

her eyes that sparkled like Emeralds fine,

I used to wish these things were mine.

But you wanted a girl with cheeks like a Rose

and freckles across the bridge of her nose,

with glossy brown hair and dark chocolate eyes.

You wanted me - to my surprise.

So now I don’t envy Jennifer Bream,

her near perfect looks are no longer my dream,

because Jennifer Bream doesn’t have you —

but I do.

4 Replies

  • Starting to forget which one's I've used, and which I haven't. Must get writing some new ones for the New Year. xxx

  • Fabulous poems as always xx

  • That is a lovely poem.xxxx

  • That's really are very reading them. xxx

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