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1st Swimming Session. Matt


Just been down to my local sports center and spent an hour between the Swimming Pool,Sauna, Steam Room will do this 3 times a week, my breathing was fine but sore muscles and Joints, I have the hydro-pool on Fri at my local hospital then a wee round of golf with Mark if I've got the strength. Matt

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A big smile on your face then Matt maryx

Hi Mary Thank You, Like a Cheshire Cat, Matt


Hello BOB here

Well done, it seems you are going to be very busy


Hey retirement( ?! )Seems to be suiting you lol! Can feel you swaying towards it already !?

mattcass in reply to allanah

Hi A, Och Naw, plenty time to retire, Awaiting on a decision involving both H.R.s that keeps me at my old workstation, Fran says i have no time for being ill, Work,Gym,Swimming,Daily Walks, Then there's the housework , Lost 3lbs on my 1st week. Matt

Hee her , well when u finish u can do mine !

mattcass in reply to allanah

Only if you have a GUINNESS Sponge. Matt

allanah in reply to mattcass

Cake or wAsh rag ?!

Sounds like fun!!!!!....

.(.I cant wait to get back to swimming following my gallbladder op......)



Wow! you've been really active Matt, I wish that I was still able to do that level of activity. Well done on the 3lbs weight-loss too - seems like you're in the groove:-}

Cece x

Brilliant Matt, good for you. I find the hydro pool really helpful, exercising in water seems more fun too. Plus I find there's a definite mental boost as well as the physical boost.

Brilliant news :-)

ooh, well done. Sounds fabulous :-)

I find the steam room works wonders for me (WHEN I can find one).

Well done on the weight loss too


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