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Is it blogging time already?

Is it blogging time already?

In preparing for my blog, I thought I’d look through some of the recent NRAS blogs for a bit of inspiration, and it seems that we’ve all got the same thing on our mind! We don’t know where the time has gone and can’t believe it’s already November. Of course, it’s also the time of year when many people will be starting to think of something beginning with ‘C’. No, not Craig Revel Horwood (my colleague Ruth tells me that it’s only me who spends time thinking about him), CHRISTMAS!

I can’t avoid it any longer. I’m wearing my winter coat, I’m driving home from work in the dark and bare legs are being covered up with tights or trousers. This means that Christmas is just around the corner. Usually at this time of the year, I’m pretty smug. I’d normally be telling you that I’ve bought and wrapped all my presents, and am sitting back enjoying everyone else’s panic! With one thing and another this year this just hasn’t happened. I’ve started my shopping, but I’m not really that close to finishing it, and I have all the awkward people left to shop for!

Some people have clearly been much more organised than me, as NRAS are sending out more and more Christmas card orders each week, and we’ve run out of some of the designs now, so if you want to help support NRAS by purchasing your Christmas cards from our site, you may have to act fast. You can view the designs for these cards here:

So, what can I say to the smug ones out there, who don’t need to be reminded of Christmas, because they’ve got it all under control? Well, I also thought it might be a good opportunity to mention some of our great publications. We have a wealth of information about RA on our website, on a large range of topics. This information is available in 2 sections of the NRAS website. Firstly, we have booklets on topics ranging from work and benefits to relationships and drug treatments. These can be viewed or ordered on the following section of our website (remember to select ‘view all publications’ on this page):

We also have a number of articles on all sorts of topics connected with RA, taking you through every stage of the process, from symptoms and diagnosis through ongoing management and living with this condition. These can be found here on our site:

So, if you’re not busy panic buying for Christmas, relax, put your feet up and take a moment to browse the NRAS website. I hope you will find something interesting!

Best wishes

Victoria Butler

Senior Information and Support Coordinator

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lol Victoria, i have bought NRAS cards and got the cards written! but then i am gonna hibernate in a cave over the whole xmas period, oh I wish ! Ax


Hi Allanah

I am very impressed! Even in my more-organised years, cards always get done a bit last-minute! Well done! xx


I've bought some of your cards and absolutely love the reindeer ones. I shall definitely be getting some more so I better get my skates on then!!

Happy Christmas countdown!!! ;)

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Vicki, I still need your help, or somebody's! I am still not receiving email from HU, so I don't receive the topics of the day, or comments from anybody.

I receive many other emails, just not any from here. Can somebody guide me to correct this? Thanks for your help. Lorann aka Loret


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